Structural Cabling and Network Solutions

Fiberoptic Systems

It provides design, material supply, testing and post-maintenance services of all kinds of fiber optic systems used in the IT, Telecom and / or Automation sector, with the experience gained by its staff in specialized companies over the years.

Structured Cabling Systems

It designs and installs the cabling and infrastructure required for projects of all sizes using UTP, FTP, STP, SFTP, FIBER OPTIC, COAXIEL cables, Patch panels, termination boxes, cabinets, flush, and pans, 19 ”Rack Cabinets.

LAN and WAN Communication Networks

It establishes LAN and WANs of all sizes by supplying, assembling, installing and configuring all kinds of communication devices such as hub, switch, router, bridge, converter, transmitter, receiver, which are labeled with today’s technology with speed, reliability and performance.

Backbone POP Points and FTTX Solutions

In line with the steps taken to bring up-to-date and strong focus on communication with high capacity broadband applications and then Fiber to Home (FTTH); Fiber systems and infrastructure allocated to end user networks are being established.

System and System Integration

With its sector experience, knowledge and expertise, it offers solutions to its customers in system integration and information technologies. In corporate system integration efforts, IT investments can reduce costs and risks, and improve the organization’s performance, efficiency and follow-up time.

Labor Services and Project Management

Our company provides labor and project management services to companies working in the same sector with its wide technical staff. It carries out the projects of its customers under the management of its own project leaders from the design stage to the test stage and delivers them with documents showing all stages.