Public Address and Emergency Call Systems

Public address and emergency call systems in buildings are used for music broadcasting and the evacuation of people in emergency situations.

While music broadcast aims to provide a pleasant ambience for people, voice evacuation’s goal is to evacuate them to a safe environment.

The size and the acoustic structure of the area, the number of zones and special requests determine the system’s structure. It is possible to establish different-sized systems, from a single zone to hundreds of zones, from a single announcement point to hundreds of announcement points.

The systems can perform in integration with other systems such as fire detection and alarm system and airport flight information system to make automated announcements and pre-programmed informational broadcasts.

Voice systems aim not only to provide music and announcements, but also to ensure that broadcasting is understandable, safe and continuous. Apart from meeting all the international security standards in the systems that we install, we also provide our customers with the advantage of a broad product portfolio range from a simple analogue system to a multi-functional digital system.