CCTV and Video Surveillance

Cameras and accompanying recording / control components are widely used to survey for various purposes. Although the most important reason to use video systems is to monitor, detect and immediately respond to critical events, it is also possible to watch records to learn about past events and collect evidence.

With the introduction of computer and network technologies to closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, the need of special cables and control equipment has disappeared and it becomes an open platform. Video system’s integration with other security, access control, and building management systems has become easier and demanded.

Cameras are not only used for monitoring and recording of video, but with the addition of some software and hardware, also generate alarms and identify various objects and licence plates without the need for operator intervention. Cameras have begun to be used in different sectors for security and non-security purposes.

• Intelligent Video Content Analysis Systems
• Human Counting and Reporting Systems
• License Plate Recognition Systems